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Digital images are fun to share on social media, but they aren't a lasting way to keep your memories. Printed images are yours forever, safe from any digital corruption, and can be passed down to future generations. They are also stunning to have up in your home. They highlight what matters most in your life: your loved ones.

I am partnered with an exceptional professional printer that I've been working with for years. We not only offer superior quality photographic prints,  but also fine art canvas wraps, float wraps, standouts and merchandise. All of these products can be purchased directly through my website after your final images are displayed in your gallery. You can click on any image and then choose the "BUY PHOTOS" button to the top right of any image. 

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Choose "This Photo" to add photos to my cart one at a time. 

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You then see some more options. The "Wall Art" option will take you to Fine Art Canvas Wraps, Float Wraps, and Mounted Prints. I'll mention these one by one coming up. "Paper Prints" refers to professional photographic prints. "Keepsakes" and "Phone Cases" will showcase some fun customized merchandise.

Photographic prints

You will be amazed by the quality difference between these professional photographic prints and a normal "one hour" photo. Photographic prints are not made with a color printer printing line by line. The chemically processed paper is exposed to a digital negative in order to create the image. These images will last over a lifetime and can be passed down for future generations without any degradation.  These prints come in two finishes:

Lustre is a premium finish on a heavy paper. It offers the vibrant colors of glossy with the fingerprint resistance of matte. This is the most popular and traditional paper option.  I usually recommend lustre for outdoor portraits.

Metallic paper offers a rich distinctive metallic look with a huge WOW! factor.  The surface is highly reflective and glossy. Metallic prints have an edgy feel and are excellent for artsy photos, urban photos, and black and white images. 

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Fine Art Canvas Wraps

These are beautiful and traditional. Fine art gilceƩ canvas is wrapped around the side of the frame with part of the photo visible on the sides of the frame. Once you add these to your cart you will see where the edges are in the photo that will be wrapped around the sides. While this may work perfectly for some images, others may look too closely cropped. Float Wraps and Standouts are other options if this occurs.

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Float Wraps

Float wraps are laminated lustre finished photographic prints wrapped around padded masonite. A 3/4" gatorblock adhered to the back of the image keeps some distance from the wall making the image look like it is floating. While the image is still visible on the sides of the print, these sides are much thinner than the Canvas Wraps. 

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Standouts are mounted photographic prints in either Lustre or Metallic finishes mounted to a 3/4" lightweight foam core with a finished deep black edge. Sized in inches, Standouts are actually 1/4" smaller than the sizes listed. Standouts are sharp and beautiful and super easy to hang because of how incredibly light they are. 

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Mounted Photographic Prints

Depending on the size ordered, mounted prints are mounted on lightweight gatorboard, matboard, or styrene. Did you know that you can use a mounted print with a frame and leave out the glass? Glass can add a green tinge to the image and also can create an unwanted glare. 

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