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There’s nothing more rewarding for a photographic artist than seeing the true beauty of her portrait subjects coming to life, in real time, right before the camera’s eye!

That’s my favorite part of the work I get to do, every day. Families… singles… couples… kids… pets… you name it. There’s beauty in all of us, and I love the portraits that emerge when you and I find that beauty together and bring it to the images we create.

I’m Kimberly Benfield of KBenfield Photography, and you might say I’m on a mission when it comes to plying my portrait photography craft. It may sound ambitious (isn’t any worthwhile mission?)… but I want to help create a world where people can actually see their own beauty. Their uniqueness. Their authentic self. Their very essence!

… And share that beauty with the whole wide world… a world that could certainly use more beauty.

… One fantastic photoshoot at a time!

Contact KBenfield Photography online or call today at (303) 854-4236 Let Me Capture Your Beauty

To me, the beautiful thing about a KBenfield Photogaphy portrait is that you can’t tell it’s a KBenfield Photography portrait.

You’re not supposed to. Because that’s not the point. The point is that we create your portraits together, as a collaborative team, through an artistic process that can only happen when we share a connection between us. It’s not about looking at the images we create and saying, Oh, I can really see Kimberly’s work here. If that’s what first smites you about the images we create, I’ve failed. Victory is achieved when people look at your portraits and say, Oh, I can really see the true YOU here!

… And the authentic beautiful self you’ve created throughout your life.

We work together during your photoshoot.

Whatever comes up during our time together… a goofy, playful look… a shy little girl hiding behind Mom… a sudden inspiration about a backdrop or a hat… I love it when the unexpected beauty emerges because of the connection you and I enjoy.

They have a saying in the improvisational theatre world: The answer is never “No” – it’s always “Yes, and…”. And though we aren’t putting on an improv show, you and I are improvising, all the time, and no matter who gets a creative new idea, my first reaction is always Yes… and!

I know the greatest portraits don’t come from my pre-conceived ideas. They aren’t something I think up by myself and do “to” you. The great images come from the ideas and inspirations we create together… they’re works of art that I’m blessed to discover “with” you.

We’re not just “recording” your look.

We’re finding and revealing your beauty. improv style!

And we keep working on your images, even after the session has ended.

Yes, I do painstaking, detailed touch-up work to bring out even more of your essential beauty. There are those out there who’ll remark that retouching portrait images is “cheating” – covering up flaws with “glamour” blurs, and the like. Taking the original pictures and turning them into images that “aren’t really you.” I strongly disagree. Sure, you can do that kind of trickery in a photo studio… but with today’s image technology, I can actually retouch your images to make them more representative of your true authentic beauty.

Every one of your portraits will look like you…

… YOU, after a great night’s sleep.

… YOU, on your best hair day.

… The YOU your loved ones would recognize as the REAL “real you.”

And, while I’ll be the one wielding the digital touch-up technology (which I love doing!), our collaborative effort doesn’t stop just because the photoshoot has ended. We’ll go back-and-forth, you and I, until YOU are satisfied with the YOU your portraits convey.

You’ll have access to professional prints, of course…

but much more than that. Much more than what you’d expect from the traditional portrait studio. I’m happy to send full-resolution digital images with every portrait package. That might surprise you, since many photographers keep your digital images, and only sell prints. And every photographer is different, with his or her own style. Since my style is to maximize collaboration with my clients, it wouldn’t be consistent with my mission to “hold your images for ransom.” You want those digital images! You want them for social media… for your brand-spankin’-new email signature… for all kinds of applications available to folks in this high-tech world in which we live.

I’ll be honored when you reach out to discuss scheduling your portrait session.

Give me a call, or fill out the contact information here on my site, and let’s start the conversation! Whatever you have in mind – and whoever you have in mind (your whole family… your partner… your kids and pets… or just you, yourself)… you have my word, we’ll work together, you and I, to create portraits you’ll love. I’ll make the full range of possibilities and settings available to you.

 * * * * *

(out of five)

Kimberly is incredible!

…Helps you to feel calm and confident during the entire shoot…

…And the final pictures are simply amazing!

- Erik J. (via Yelp)

I can’t wait to show you how my unique collaborative approach combines technical wizardry with creative artistry… to make your photoshoot more fun, and your images more authentically beautiful, than you might imagine!

Contact KBenfield Photography online or call today: (303) 854-4236. Celebrating Beauty… Capturing You… Because You’re Beautiful.

Portrait Portfolio

Yoga Portfolio

Yoga anyone? Yoga has been a passion of mine for years. What can be more fun than to capture beautiful bodies in yoga's beautiful poses? Whether I am creating interesting shapes in the studio, copying shapes in background architecture, or just highlighting the beautiful human form, I'm always game for a yoga shoot! 

Murti Fine Art Portfolio

This is an ongoing project of mine. I took a liking to the Hindu deity statues called murtis.  I borrow these murtis from various yoga studios and individuals, spend some time with them, and capture their personalities in photographic images, sometimes altering the image afterwards in Photoshop. Some of these images are up on display in ONE Yoga Denver. All of these images are also available for purchase in the above gallery.

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