Pet Portraits

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Celebrating Your Pet’s Authentic Beauty And Character

You just never know what’s going to happen when you set out to photograph a pet. And that’s the fun of it! I’m Kimberly Benfield, and my clients tell me I take fantastic photographs of their pets… images they often tell me they couldn’t have expected.

Of course, pets are pretty unpredictable. Not every photoshoot goes as planned, but they almost always produce great images.  These sessions turn out that way because I don’t come into the photoshoot with any pre-conceived notions about what will happen. My philosophy with regard to capturing great images of pets (and this goes for children, too) is to simply let the pet be itself… and to just go with whatever happens. My portrait sessions are always more like collaborative works of improvisational theater than scripted, pre-planned events. And with pets, there really isn’t a script! Our goal should always be not just to create unforgettable images… but to create and unforgettable experience, too. I always want our time together to be filled with joy… because that’s what having an adorable pet in your family is all about! These sessions are also great fun because they’re three-way improv. The three of us – me, the pet, and the pet parent – are all contributing great ideas in the moment. That makes the session enjoyable for everyone. And those joyful sessions lead to wonderful photographic images.

It’s foolish to expect your pet to be on their very best behavior in a new setting they’ve likely never experienced (like a photoshoot). Let’s take the first few minutes to let the pet just roam around the area and feel at home before we capture images. I’ll help you prepare for the session to get the best possible outcome for you and your beloved pet. You’ll look at lots of proofs… because only you will know when your pet gave that “look” or expression that really captures who they are. From the zippy Jack Russell Terrier to the quiet Sheltie… from the cat who sees people as their “staff” to the exotic bird that likes to sit on your shoulder (and no one else’s!)

There’s just nothing like the experience of an unforgettable pet photography session.

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Let Me Capture Your Pet’s Beauty

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Use These Amazing Images Any Way You Like

I can have your pet’s images mounted for display on the wall at home… or create beautiful prints to send to family and friends… but I’m not just in the business to sell prints. My clients always appreciate receiving digital images they can use any way they like. And I pride myself in the techniques I can use to enhance the images after the photoshoot… Small improvements that bring out even more of your pet’s authentic beauty and charm. I keep at it until you are thoroughly delighted with the images we created together… the three of us. In fact, since photographing pets is always such an unpredictable affair, I won’t let you pay for the portrait session until you've seen the images and are thoroughly happy with them. 

I can’t wait to meet your pet, and to enjoy along with you both the experience of capturing the good looks and character you’ve come to love about that treasured member of the family. And nothing makes a more greatly-appreciated gift than a pet photoshoot!

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Kimberly is not only talented, but such a pleasure to work with! You can tell she is really passionate about what she does and I am thrilled with the results.

- Jillian D. (via Google)

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