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I would love to help you tell your story

–as a solo professional, a team member, or a business owner – with images that tell the world how unique and beautiful you, your company, and your products truly are!

I’m Kimberly Benfield of KBenfield Photography, and that’s my mission. It’s ambitious, like any great mission… but I want to create a world where people and companies can see their authentic beauty, and share it with a world starved for beauty. Let your competitors keep their stuffy, “corporate” websites and marketing brochures. Collaborate with me… create artistic images of your real beauty together with someone who delights in the process… and no matter how crowded your “marketplace,” you or your firm will stand out. You’ll attract appreciative clients and customers, in ways your competitors never imagined.

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Commercial Photography That Captures Your Beauty… And Your Market

Commercial Images Crafted For Your Unique Mission – Large Or Small

If you have a giant commercial photography project to get done, you’ll find plenty of large-scale commercial photo studios out there who’ll offer proposals. After all, most of those studios only want to do profitable, large-scale projects. But their fees often price their services out of the reach of smaller businesses or solo entrepreneurs. I refuse to take a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach… not with portrait photography, and not with commercial work. That means I love working with all kinds of projects, for all kinds of commercial clients, from solo entrepreneurs to big divisions of large corporations. Even small companies!

I “shoot” for a collaborative process, in which you and I share ideas and inspirations, and create your images together. And I always strive to create a unique commercial photography project that’s like no other… because you and your business are like no other!

• I love to dig into your existing branding, marketing materials, website, etc. and learn everything I can about your company, and the distinctiveness you’re hoping to convey.

• Before, during, and after the photoshoot(s), I create absolutely nothing in a vacuum. We collaborate, you and I, through every step of the process, from planning a session to touching up the images to make them just right.

• We continue working together long after the session(s) have ended, retouching your images until they convey precisely what you want them to convey to your market. Got a bright, cheery office? Images of your office will reflect that. Are your company’s installers happy in their jobs? You can bet your Business In Action photos will help you tell the world!

• And we’ll continue working on your professional headshots, too, retouching them until they’re fantastic images you’ll be proud of. It isn’t cheating. The type of painstaking, detailed touch-up work I do makes your images more authentic! It’s still YOU… on your best hair day, after a great night’s sleep, it’s the YOU the people who love and respect you will recognize as the “real” real you!

• Indoors or out… any size group… any type of business! I’m excited about putting truly professional photography – and inspired artistry – to work for you and your business.

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(out of five)

I've worked with the pros at KBenfield on several occasions…

…Unobtrusive, yet there when/where you need them...

…Fun and upbeat, but thoroughly professional...

…A technician's mind combined with an artist's true eye for authentic beauty...

…You just can't get ALL these things from nearly any other photography business.Yet I got all this and more - EVERY time - from KBenfield Photography. Many thanks!

- Michael H. (via Google)

Professional Headshots

Let’s work together to capture and create the images that help you present your best authentic self to the public.

Your Business In Action!

I love working with small business owners to catch their businesses in action… candid images that make wonderful promotional tools, both online and in print. No matter what business you’re in, Your Business In Action images really bring your website and brochures to life!

Product Photography

From buildings to bananas… from luxury homes to garden gnomes… whatever you’re in the market to provide, my clients tell me I’m uniquely qualified to capture the images that help you beat your competitors to the bottom line.

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