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Looking for a photographer who’s passionate about creating the images that will inspire you, your family, or your clients? You’ve come to the right place. From personal  portraits, to product photography that makes your images truly “pop”… from professional headshots, to commercial work that captures the compelling story of your business in action… I love creating the images that celebrate your authentic beauty! I’m Kimberly Benfield of KBenfield Photography… and I’m grateful to do artistic work I love. I’m so honored by the enthusiastic five-star reviews clients have written for me on Google, Yelp, facebook, and elsewhere online. So take their word for it… because I couldn’t do this work I love without the beauty and collaborative energy of my cherished clients!

Contact KBenfield Photography online or call today: (303) 854-4236. Let me capture your beauty.

At KBenfield Photography, You’ll Find Technical Expertise…

I’m not new to this. After many years of practice and creative experimentation, I’ve learned lots of “tricks of the trade,” and how to get the best performance out of today’s high-tech photographic equipment. Light, setting, color, composition - I’m able to make the most productive use of your time by getting things just right, and doing so quickly and efficiently. And you’ll be amazed at what can be done in the studio after your session. I use the most advanced techniques for adjusting your photos so that each image presents the best authentic version of you, your product, your property, or your business. Think of it this way: It’s still you… but it’s you on your best hair day… after plenty of sleep. The you your loved ones see! Part of what makes me unique is that I’ll keep working with your images until you’re completely thrilled with them. And I’ve found that clients love the full-resolution digital images they receive with every package. I don’t just sell professional prints. I provide you with everything you need to use your photographs in any way that works for you.

* * * * *

I highly recommend KBenfield Photography. Kimberly is very talented and a true joy! She creates the most beautiful and heart-warming pictures that tell a wonderful story. Her photographs are amazing and her incredible skill of bringing out the best in people truly is wonderful.

- Rachel W. (via Google)

…In Concert With Inspiring Artistry

You won’t get the “standard photoshoot” experience from KBenfield Photography. It might surprise you: but our session together will be more like a collaborative form of performance art! I do love the immediate gratification I get from seeing the results of my work in finding the beauty in subjects right away… in a way a painter or sculptor, who has to wait for a piece to “emerge,” can’t. And you’ll love the way I’ve learned to work with any situation that comes up! I’m not in the business of reproducing the standard images I envisioned before I met you. Where would be the fun in that… for me… or for you? Something magical happens in almost every photographic session. Some flicker of hidden expression. A surprising moment… a secret smile… a flash of unexpected joy. And capturing those magical moments is my favorite part of the whole artistic process you and I will share. You’ll have fun throughout your session… and you’ll absolutely adore the images that result from such a joyful experience. Many talented up-and-coming photographers are most comfortable shooting in the natural light of the outdoors… I love outdoor photoshoots, too! But I have the equipment and expertise to create beautiful images both indoors and out… in any setting… wherever you and I decide is the best place to capture your story.

* * * * *

Kimberly is incredible! She helps you to feel calm and confident during the entire shoot and the final pictures are simply amazing!

- Erik J. (via Yelp)

Let me help you capture the moment. Book now online or call (303) 854-4236 today.

I can’t wait to show you how my unique approach combines technical wizardry with creative artistry to make your session more fun than you imagined it could be.

Unlike some commercial studios who only want to do the kind of large-scale projects that put expert photography out-of-reach for the small business owner, I just refuse to take a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach. I’m excited to tell your firm’s authentic story with the images that make the most sense for you.

Professional Headshots

Let’s work together to capture and create the images that help you present your best authentic self to the public.

Product Photography

From buildings to bananas… from luxury homes to garden gnomes… whatever you’re in the market to provide, my clients tell me I’m uniquely qualified to capture the images that help you beat your competitors to the bottom line.

Your Business In Action!

I love working with small business owners to catch their businesses in action… candid images that make wonderful promotional tools, both online and in print. No matter what business you’re in, Your Business In Action images really bring your website and brochures to life!

Experience the KBenfield Photography difference for yourself. Check out the online reviews! Then, give me a call, or fill out the contact information on my website, to start the conversation about how I can help you celebrate the beauty in your product, in your company, or in you!

* * * * *

I've worked with KBenfield Photography on several occasions…

…Fun and upbeat, but thoroughly professional...

…A technician's mind combined with an artist's true eye for authentic beauty...

…You just can't get ALL these things from nearly any other photography business.Yet I got all this and more - EVERY time - from KBenfield Photography. Many thanks!

Michael H. (via Google)

Celebrating Beauty… Capturing You… Because You’re Beautiful.

Contact KBenfield Photography online or call today at (303) 854-4236.

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